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Okay, this is a big one.

I work with a great team in an awesome organization. And one of the things you learn leading a team is that people are different. Okay, duh, you knew that already. But trying to lead a team forward on an initiative, especially a new or challenging one, will reveal lots of “differences” in people. ┬áHere’s one example: (Don’t read any judgment into these writings ESPECIALLY if you work with me)

Fixed Pie Thinkers
You know the people I’m talking about. They are always thinking about how allocating resources to this new thing will affect their piece of the pie. Because the pie only has eight slices, so if her slice gets bigger, or if someone new comes in, I’m going to lose some. In ministry, we refer to these people as good “stewards”, because they are really good at managing on a budget and saying no to new things that come along because they don’t fit.

On the other side, we have people who see “no limits”. There’s always more room at the table, money in the budget, and hours in the day. After all, who needs sleep? In ministry, we say these people walk in a greater measure of “faith” than the rest of us.

The truth?

They’re both right. The glass is both half full AND half empty. ┬áSo sit down right in the middle of that paradox and figure out how to navigate forward. You have to esteem both perspectives or you will only bring part of your team along. Both sides of the team will need to be on board to get the victory God has for you. Congratulations, leader; hard as it is, that’s why you are in your role.

Have you ever encountered this?

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