O Little Town…

In addition to my own Advent Reading plan, we are doing one with our girls from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Last night’s reading sparked a connection for me that I’m not sure I ever made before.

In 1 Samuel 16, Samuel goes out, at God’s direction, looking for a new king. God sends him to the house of Jesse in Bethlehem. There he doesn’t find a king among Jesse’s mature, strong, handsome, older sons, but among the youngest, who was out caring for the sheep. David wasn’t even worthy to be invited to meet the prophet when he came to visit.


Much later, shepherds and wise men were told that a baby had been born in Bethlehem and that this baby would be the anticipated king, the Messiah They didn’t find him in a palace, but in a humble stable. Once again, Bethlehem provided the backdrop for a king who would be used by God to serve His people. And this time, it was for ALL people. Thank You, Lord!

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