Passion is powerful, even in dog food

passion in dog food

Recently, Adena and I discovered that the dog food we had been buying for our beagle was less than ideal. It seemed like Millie would want to eat non stop and was rarely satisfied. I did some research and found out there were some ingredient issues with what I was buying. Off to the pet store I went, to try and find a dog food that might be better suited. Just between you and me (and the whole internet of course, since this is public), these are the kinds of things that made me not want to get a dog. How much money was I going to have to spend to find a good dog food? Surely the pet store person would steer me to the most expensive food.

Passion changed my perspective

My experience was far different than I expected however. I walked into the pet store, two associates by the door, and I explained my dilemma. One of the associates walked me back to the food aisle and proceeded to show me a number of options, including the various advantages and disadvantages of each. Rather than feeling sold, I was refreshed by the zeal this individual had regarding their own dog and what had worked for them, plus how their own experience might help me make a better decision. As I made a choice, I was kindly coached on how to introduce this change to Millie’s diet and what to do if allergy or other issues showed up. I walked away, pleased with my purchase, and only spending a little more than I had before.

Reflecting on this experience, I could have chalked it up to a better store, higher pay rates than average retail establishments, or quality training programs, but there was something more here. The individual who helped me was passionate about dogs and their care. And that passion came through in her service to me as a customer. So much that it enveloped me and I probably would have spent even more because I was so convinced that this would be the right thing for Millie. I went in prepared to be sold something but instead I was passionately served. And that experience convinced me that I will happily shop in that store again.

Passion is powerful

Passion is powerful and it’s contagious. Find yours and let it show.

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