Praying for Three Wise Gifts 1

In recognition of the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus, I’m praying for three gifts this season, both for my family and for yours!

1. Gold – a metal of immense value, treasure of significant worth. For gold, I’m asking for blessing on family. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and two beautiful girls, absolute treasures in my life, not to mention a tremendous extended and spiritual family. Let’s pray for the bonds of relationship to stand strong in this busy season, for the enemy’s divisive attempts to be thwarted, and for unity in faith and love to be strengthened through the entire Christmas celebrations.2. Frankincense – an aromatic that brings pleasant smells to our lives. In honor of frankincense, I’m praying for God’s Spirit to cover our home and our lives thickly and tangibly. His Spirit makes our lives more pleasant as an aroma and brings peace in times of busyness or difficulty. Let’s pray for God’s Spirit and His touch to mark our lives this season, also to radiate from us to those around us who we love and serve.

3. Myrrh – a preservative and cleanser. In honor of myrrh, I’m praying for fresh revelation from God’s Word, which cleanses and protects us from the influence of the enemy. As we walk through this time and read texts that many of us have read 100s of times, may we experience a fresh understanding of the incredible gift that was given to us that first Christmas. Let’s pray for increased illumination of God’s purposes towards us as expressed through His Word. Pray for His Word to be ever on our hearts and tongues for purposes of building one another up and speaking life to those whom we serve and love.

I pray this season is a wonderful time as you reflect on the Creator who loved us so much He sent His son as a baby to change our world 2000 years ago.

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