Setting Priorities in Your Schedule 1

rocks metaphor will help you shape your prioritiesThe best tip I ever heard for setting priorities for a period of time was a Franklin Covey technique – called “Put the Big Rocks in First”. I heard this nearly 10 years ago but still use it and have found tremendous value in it.

  • Step 1 – identify the important roles in your life. For me, that’s husband, father, pastor, employee, manager, mentor,¬†etc. Note that where some of these are closely tied together, I prefer to define each unique role in which a person sees me. For me that means, being a pastor (to the congregation I serve) and manager (to the staff I oversee) are distinct.
  • Step 2 – within each role, on a weekly basis, identify the most important thing you should do to excel in that role for the coming week.
  • Step 3 – once identified, block time in your schedule to do that thing for each role. As husband, that may mean date night, or it may mean home in time for dinner.
  • Step 4 – keep your schedule!

For a background story on this, check it out here.

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