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We have just one month left!. And December often feels like the busiest month of the year. But there is still time to measure some progress on the goals you set for the year.

Hopefully you wrote some things down in January or at some point earlier this year. You said – “this is what I want this year to be about.”

You could look now and say – “well, I missed it” OR “sure, I got some of that done, but not nearly enough.”

But if you give up, you are missing the fact that there are still more than 30 days left. Maybe twenty or less if you factor in all the parties and holiday activities. That is still something!

Tips for last-minute progress

So here are my tips for a last-minute, last-ditch effort to make progress toward your annual goals:

  1. Look at them! If you don’t look back at them until you’re debriefing in January, you can’t gain any more ground.
  2. Which goal did you set that no longer seems important?  Did your priorities change mid-year?  Did other circumstances dictate that you should write one off? Cross that one off your list and focus on what’s really key to you.
  3. Is there anything that is almost finished, but just needs a little more push? Can you schedule time to finish that out?calendar
  4. Which one isn’t nearly done, but you could accomplish more than you have so far? What two actions would improve you from an F to a C? It may not be an A, but a C is certainly better.
  5. Which one is honestly a loss? There are plenty of goals that you can’t knock out in give or take 20 days. But take a few minutes to think about this. Why did you not make any progress? Is there anything standing in the way of progress in this area? Maybe you can do something to address the obstacles, even if you can’t push toward the goal.
  6. Write down a few things related to your goals that you can do to make progress. Block out time in your calendar to get them done. December 31 will feel better because you did!

Here are a few things on my list:

  1. I haven’t hired a Marketing Director yet, but I have some really good prospects. How can I use the 5 remaining weeks to lock a plan in for starting the new year strong?
  2. One of my goals for the year was a complete overhaul of our Employee Handbook. I already collected a list of things that need to be addressed. I can’t get a final version perfect, but blocking out one day would make it a lot better than it is right now. What about five hours next week, plus an hour a week or a section a week until it’s completely done? I can’t finish by January 1, but I’m pretty sure February 1 would do it.
  3. I have a few areas that I was hoping to make some progress on, but realized during the year that I don’t have the talent to cover this personally. How about if I try to allocate budget resources to hire for this one in the first quarter? I can’t do the job in the next five weeks, but if I wait until the new year to think about it, the budget won’t be there.

What can you do?

The point here is to identify – what can you do? Rome wasn’t built in a day. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Every journey begins with a single step. I could go on. What can you do today? What can you do with an hour next week? What can you do if you take a minute now and carve out time on your calendar?

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2 thoughts on “Counting down to December 31

  • Peggy Mowrey

    Eric, you need to teach a course on goal-setting! I would love to see your list of completed projects for the year – I bet it’s amazing.

    • Eric Post author

      Thanks, Peggy. I’m not sure it’s amazing but here’s a list of the things I recorded as checked off at a strategic level this year. A lot of these were completed with help from the team, since that’s primarily how my world works these days. This may be way more than you asked for, but I thought reviewing it would help me.
      – new documents for a variety of King’s Park HR processes: employee onboarding, project debriefing, weekly coverage plan for when an employee is traveling, job descriptions, reviews, transition planning.
      – temporary coverage strategy for the marketing department while I was short-staffed this summer
      – new volunteer strategies for admin and marketing teams
      – prepped a talk on time management for a youth conference here in Durham
      – developed a draft Operations Manual for KP
      – helped coordinate the Ministry Boot Camp
      – prepared for, participated in, and enjoyed a one month family vacation (plus nothing burned down while I was away from work!)
      – marketing roll out for updated King’s Park Growth Track and vision/mission statements

      I still have a lot to check off before 12/31 but it’s been a productive year!